I think you have the wrong extension

Hello, may I speak Mr.Smith?
여보세요, 스미쓰시좀 바꿔주세요~

I'm sorry but there is no one with the name Smith in this department.
미안한데, 여기는 그런 사람 없어요.
I think you have the wrong extension.
내선 연결이 잘못 되었나보네요.

Oh, I'm sorry, then.
아, 죄송요.. -_ -;;; 그럼..

Will you transfer this call to Mr.Smith in Marketing?
마케팅 부서에 스미스좀 연결해주세요.

Yeah, sure. Hold on for a second, please.
네,알았어요. 잠시 기다려봐요~