What's done is done

Oops! I don't know what to do.
헛! 어뜨카지?

What's goin on?
뭔 일이야?

I lost my brother's mp3 player.
형 엠피쓰리를 잃어버렸네 -_  -;;;;

Uh~ oh! Have you told him yet?
ㄷㄷ, 형한테 말했냐?

No, Not yet. Should I tell him? or should I just get a new one before he knows it's missing.
아니, 아직. 말 할까? 아님 알기전에 새거 사다 놓을까?

What's done is done. Tell him the truth and he'll understand.
엎질러진 물이자너.. 사실대로 말하면 이해해줄꺼야.. (조낸 맞고 나서 -_  -;;;;)